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Obviously this blog has been inactive for quite a while now (since December 2012, really). I reserve the right to resurrect it at some point in time, and I still check in every once in a while. As a result, I've noticed today that the blog has become absolutely besieged by spam. If I'm not mistaken, I inadvertently caused the problem myself 10 days ago when I upgraded the version of Chyrp (my blogging software) running to the latest, not realising that it would wipe my Akismet key – effectively, severing the link to my spam filter. Consequently, the deluge of spam.

Some posts now have so many spam comments that I can't actually bring them up in the control panel to delete the comments. It looks like I'll have to delete some entries, although I'll try to repost them. If you're for some reason subscribed to an RSS feed for this blog and see a lot of old posts come up, that'd be why. My apologies!

If you're still interested in my political views and want to see me reblog a lot of other people's content, feel free to check out my Tumblr.

EDIT: The spam comments are all gone, for now. I may have deleted a couple of legitimate ones unwittingly; sorry if that bothers you, but I really had no option.

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